LWO is no longer selling formula. All outstanding orders will be cancelled/refunded. Refunds may take up to 10 business days to process. Please email lworganics@gmail.com for questions/concerns!



Hi! My name is Lacey and I am the founder/owner of Little World Organics. I am a former elementary school teacher turned business owner, and I am so happy you have found this website!

After the birth of my first son, Jack, I struggled with breastfeeding immensely. My plans to nurse him for at least a year were quickly halted and I turned to formula in order for him to gain weight. 

After learning about American formula (organic included), I was determined to find a healthier alternative for my little guy. After tireless research, I stumbled upon Holle formula, which at the time was very difficult to source.

I spent weeks researching European formula and found a way to import formula for myself directly from Germany. I knew I was not alone in my quest to find the purest formula available for my baby, free from GMOs, artificial colors and preservatives, and added sweeteners. These realizations led me to create Little World Organics. 

Over the past six years, I have grown my business from a simple blog to the e-commerce store it has become today. I am a small business owner and a trusted resource for parents looking for answers on how to best nourish their babies. Your loyalty, support and camaraderie matter to me on the most personal level, so thank you for your patronage!

The purpose of this website is to make Holle, HiPP, and Lebenswert organic infant formulas accessible for all families in the States. I am passionate about these formulas because I know that they are the best products on the market for all of our babies.

Yes, I've heard “breast is best,” but I also know that breastfeeding is not a reality for everyone for a myriad of reasons… And that’s okay! So if you are seeking out an alternative to formulas produced in the States, whether you are exclusively formula feeding or only supplementing, you’ve come to the right place.

Our responsibility as consumers is to know where our food comes from and what implications it has for animals, the environment, and our health. All four of my babies thrived on these wholesome formulas, and I feel certain that your little ones will, too! 

Feel free to drop me a line and say hello any time! 

Thanks again for your support!


Update April 2020: 

Little World Organics is now shipping from Texas and New York. I recently hired a childhood friend who lives in New York to store additional inventory and to pack/ship orders. Her name is Kate and you can read more about her here. Kate was interested in pursuing a formula business and instead we decided to join forces and work together. There is nothing better than working with friends!