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Third Trimester Wardrobe

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Third Trimester Wardrobe

Back in April, I posted an article about my favorite maternity wardrobe finds that month. I was loving the pieces that I purchased from Loft, Old Navy, and A Pea in The Pod... Especially the shorts. Throughout my four pregnancies, I have learned a thing or two about maternity clothes, and one thing I have consistently found is that it is hard to find shorts that look good and fit well. The shorts I scored back in April checked off all of my boxes, however, I am finding that over the course of a few short months, they aren't fitting as well as they once did. 

The shorts with the demi panel that are designed to sit below the belly are now showcasing some rather unfortunate love handles, and they are just flat out uncomfortable (tight). I am optimistic that they will be a good postpartum option, but for now it is time to retire my second trimester treasures.

I am also in need of more maternity tops, though I am trying to steer clear of too many shirts with shirred sides, as I am hoping that these pieces will carry me through to the postpartum phase, and nobody wants to look pregnant when they're not (shirred shirts are a dead giveaway)!

Concealing my tummy will be my main clothing goal after this baby pops out, and I am hopeful that some of my purchases can double as nursing tops should I go that route, so loose-fitting and comfortable is the name of the game. Here is what I'm loving right now. 

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1. Loft MATERNITY VINTAGE SOFT TEE- $34.50 (now 40% off with code NEWNOW) Love that this color will be perfect for fall.

2. Loft MATERNITY FLORAL DOODLE VINTAGE SOFT V-NECK TEE- $34.50 (now 40% off with code NEWNOW)

3. Loft MATERNITY EYELET OFF THE SHOULDER TEE- $44.50 (now 40% off with code NEWNOW) 

4. Loft MATERNITY STRIPED VINTAGE SOFT TEE- $34.50 (now 40% off with code NEWNOW)

5. Loft MATERNITY FLORAL MIXED MEDIA TANK- $49.50 (now 40% off with code NEWNOW)

6. Gap Maternity Inset Panel Summer Shorts in Stretch Twill- $32 Hoping that the inset panel will prove more comfortable than the demi panel. Too dang hot for full panel. I also sized up. 

7. Gap Maternity Inset Panel Denim Shorts with Distressed Detail- $35

8. Gap Maternity Denim Shorts with Insert Panel- $35

9. Old Navy Maternity Rollover-Waist Yoga Shorts- $17 Also in gray. I already own 1 of each color and practically live in these. Perfect with your basic cotton maternity shirt. Super casual. Beyond comfortable. Size down.

10. Old Navy Maternity Full-Panel Semi-Fitted Run Shorts- $19 In case I feel like exercising (ha!) or looking sporty. Replacing my standard non-maternity Nike shorts.

11. Gap Maternity Print Sleep Shirtdress- $30 Adios old pj pants! So comfy and perfect for nursing. 

12. A Pea in the Pod Knot Front Maternity Swim Top- $58 & Reversible Maternity Swim Bottom- $40 Because it is summer and I am very pregnant... I own this swimsuit and absolutely love it. Totally worth the price tag. 

Happy Shopping!

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