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Fourth of July Deals for Your Littles

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Celebrating America in Style & on Budget!

The Fourth of July is less than a month away, which means it is prime buying time for some good old red, white and blue garb. We typically spend the holiday outside AND we live in Texas, so staying cool & not spending a fortune are my main goals when dressing the kids for the day. Like many of you, our morning kicks off with the neighborhood parade and after thirty minutes or so of enduring the scorching heat, we wind up celebrating (staying cool) in a pool with family and friends for the rest of the afternoon. 

The boys will wear their new swim trunks with a fun "I'm Here for the Hot Dogs" muscle tee for the parade and pool. I purchased Evie a new festive cotton dress for the parade and a swim suit because both were on sale, and she needs a swimsuit for our upcoming beach trip anyway.

Since there is still about a month until July 4th, I chose free-standard shipping through Gap/Old Navy, so all in I spent about $20 per kid for the big day. Not bad considering we will wear the swimsuits all summer long and we will reuse more than half of the items in the future in the form of hand-me-downs. #victory

Below are my top picks for the 4th. Prices listed include current promos/sales and are subject to change. (affiliate links included) 


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