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ISO HiPP, Holle, & Lebenswert Success Stories

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ISO HiPP, Holle, & Lebenswert Success Stories

LWO is on the hunt for parents who are willing to share their formula success stories with other parents of little ones needing formula, as we plan on featuring one story per week on the blog and social media in the upcoming months.

It is my hope that featuring personal stories from our customers will help potential & existing customers who are looking for insight and reassurance when choosing European formula over more common brands that can be found in the States.

Perhaps your baby is colicky, gassy, allergic to dairy, or suffers from GERD. Maybe you were determined to breastfeed but couldn't for whatever reason, or maybe you were terrified to try infant formula that is produced from another country...  We want to hear from all of you!

The requirements are simple and if you are selected to be featured as a success story, we will reward your hard work with a choice of either a $150 store credit or $100 cash. All entries who meet the criteria below but are not selected to be featured on the site will receive a promo code for 20% off a future order. 

To be considered, you must:

  1. have purchased formula from LWO 
  2. include at least 1 image of your baby that can be included with the post
  3. include brand and stage of formula used
  4. tell a success story
  5. engage the reader
  6. 500 word minimum 

Please send your success story and picture(s) to Subject: Success Story Entry. 

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