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Buy Baby Products & Earn Target Gift Cards

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Have you tried these yet? 

Zarbees Elderberry Immune Support for Children

I use them during cold & flu season to keep my kids healthy, and if you are wondering, they really do work... At least for us! If you buy two bottles right now at Target, they will give you a $5 gift card! #target #sponsored

Shop Zarbee Elderberry Gummies here:

You can also score a $10 gift card for buying 2 super packs of diapers and a $5 gift card for buying 2 packs of baby wipes. These are our favorite brands:

Pampers Swaddlers DiapersHuggies Snug and Dry DiapersHuggies Pull-Ups Boys' NightTime Training PantsHuggies Wipes Natural Care

With 2 in diapers and 2 sleeping in pull-ups, I am cashing in!
#targetforthewin #mamasgoingshopping

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