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Prince Louis and mom Kate prefers British-made Kendamil Organic infant formula

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On-Demand Bottle Feeding

If you’re bottle-feeding your baby, you’ll have likely heard of on-demand feeding. While on-demand feeding has traditionally been associated only with breastfed babies, research is now showing benefits of this style of feeding for both breast and bottle-fed infants. Read more about on-demand bottle feeding here.

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How to Change Your Formula Milk

If you decide you want to change your baby’s formula milk to a different brand or stage (e.g. from infant to follow-on milk), or even if your current brand launches a new formulation, there are a couple of things to bear in mind. Read more here.

Nannycare Goat Milk Formula

Learn why Nannycare is rated as the number 1 goat milk baby formula in the UK here.

Top 5 Baby Must Haves

As you may know, I recently gave birth to my fifth baby. I consider myself a seasoned mom, and when it comes to baby gear, I’ve pretty much bought it all, sold it all, and bought it all over again. Check out my list of top 5 baby products here.


Meet Jack. Jack enjoyed Holle 1 for his first year of life. Read more about my sweet boy and the beginning of my formula feeding journey here.